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Institutional Urine Finder

The Institutional Urine Finder by Bio-Pro Research is a larger, commercial version of the Mini LED Urine Finder and is the ideal tool for locating hard-to-find urine and other bodily fluids.  Most urine deposits are invisible to the naked eye and unless the urine can be found, the odour will continue to be a problem. Use with Bio Pro cleaning products for a complete system of hygiene.


$245.00 (inc GST)


Institutional Urine Finder: Features & Benefits

This revolutionary 'Black Light Clean Sanitary Inspection System' was custom engineered to easily fluoresce uric acid with its ultraviolet (UV) or ‘black’ light to detect urine and other bodily fluids. This is a type of light wave within a specific frequency that will cause urine and other bodily fluids to fluoresce brightly, taking the guess work out of cleaning. Designed to be damage resistant and features a custom lens to maximize UV light transmission rates while minimizing UV degradation.



The Institutional Urine Finder is ideal for commercial use and can be used to detect stains on flooring, furniture, mattresses, carpet, bathroom areas, pet areas and much more. Each purchase includes a full set of instructions which can also be viewed under the Download tab. Click here to view our tips and advice for using the Urine Finder.


Examples of Use

• Residential care

• Health care

• Disability sector

• Professional cleaning services

• Hospitality

• Accommodation

• Carpet and flooring specialists

• Dry cleaning and commercial laundry

• Veterinary and animal care

• Schools and education facilities



• Rechargeable and wireless - includes a dual 110v and 12v battery charge base

• Wall charger with USA plug fitting (USA/NZ adaptor provided)

• Includes safety googles and complete instructions.


Important Notes

• Darken the room as much as possible – the darker the room, the easier it will be to detect the dried urine. Simply turn the light on the suspected areas affected by urine.

• Prolonged and direct exposure to UV light can be harmful to the eyes. This is generally a concern only for professionals who regularly use the Industrial Urine Finder. The output in the Mini LED Urine Finder is not so bright as to cause harm; however, caution must be exercised by never looking directly into the light.

• For extra protection, most prescription glasses and safety glasses generally have a UV coating and can be worn during use..

• Dried urine has a characteristic dull yellow fluorescence or glow helping you to distinguish it from other compounds that may also glow.

• One way to learn the characteristic colour of dried urine is to take your Urine Finder into the bathroom and illuminate the toilet and surrounding area. Even in the cleanest bathroom, you should be able to see the dried urine crystals that conventional cleaners cannot remove.

• Another way to distinguish dried urine from other compounds is by the shape and location of the stain. Urine stains are generally found in predictable locations, like corners and at the base of furniture, and will have a shape that resembles a puddle or a stream. If pets are involved, be sure to check the baseboards and walls for traces of urine

• Some soaps and detergents will leave residue that glows bright white to an almost blue-white and lint can also glow bright white.

• If urine has already been cleaned up or has seeped down into the carpet then most of the urine has been cleaned off the top layer of fibres and will be difficult to locate with the Urine Finder. In such cases, it may be wise to pull back the carpet in the areas you suspect so you can ensure all of the urine is removed.