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x4 Wine Off and/or Coffee Off Pens

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Wine Off and Coffee Off Stain Remover by Bio-Pro Research is designed to break down wine, coffee, food and beverage stains on soft and hard surfaces (carpets, linen, clothing etc) using biodegradable ingredients that are nature-based and non-toxic.


  •  x4 Coffee Off 10ml pen
  •  x4 Wine Off 10ml pen
  •  x2 Coffee and x2 Wine Off10ml pen

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Wine Off And coffee off Stain Remover Features & Benefits


•   Natural & chemical free            •   Removes new or old odours & stains
•   Enzyme-based formula           •   Safe to use around people & pets
•   Fresh & delicate fragrance       •   USDA certified ingredients





Wine Off and Coffee Off Stain Remover does not contain alcohol, peroxide or bleaching agents so it is safe to use around people and pets. It is also effective on food residue and other organic stains, particularly those that are red-based. Click here to view tips and advice for using Wine Off and Coffee Off.



• Red wine

• Fruit (eg, berries, cherries, pomegranate)

• Cordial and Juices

• Soft Drinks

• Tomatoes (eg, ketchup, pasta sauce, soup)

• Curries

• Beetroot

• Jams and chutneys

• Jellies

• Red meat and much more


• Coffee

• Chocolate

• Cocoa based products (eg, hot chocolate, Milo)

• Peanut butter and hazelnut spread (eg, Nutella)

• Gravy

• Curries

• Beer and spirits (eg, whisky, bourbon, liqueurs)

• Cola and much more



• 10ml (0.34 fl oz) refillable spray pen


Certified Biobased Product

Bio-Pro Research leads the way with its pioneering approach to stain and odour removal by having 81 of its biobased products certified in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) BioPreferred Certification Program. Wine Off has been awarded the USDA BioPreferred designation as a Certified Biobased Product for its innovative bio-enzymatic technology and is described as being “far more effective than traditional chemical methods for the removal of organic stains and odours, while being safe for materials, humans, and the environment.”