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Zorb-It-Up! Liquid to Solid Absorbent Sheets 2pk

Zorb It-Up! Liquid to Solid Amazing Absorbent Sheets by Bio-Pro Research are disposable and convenient leak-proof sheets that can be used for a faster and easier clean-up of liquid-based spills and 'accidents'. Each sheet absorbs liquid over 100 times its weight. 2 sheets per pack.


$5.50 (inc GST)


Zorb-It-Up! Liquid to Solid Amazing Absorbent Sheets: features & benefits



Zorb-It-Up! Liquid to Solid Amazing Absorbent Sheets absorbs liquids from all surfaces and includes a leak-proof barrier so you never have to touch the mess. The sheets contain superabsorbent polymers that are found in products such as nappies to make cleaning up effortless. Ideal for travel, particularly for those with children or pets.



• Beverages (hot or cold)

• Liquid based food (e.g. soup)

• Vomit

• Urine

• Diarrhoea

• Water



1. Place a sheet printed side up on the liquid

2. Weigh down or step on the sheet to ensure contact

3. Allow 15 minutes for maximum absorption

4. Dispose of sheet in the rubbish bin - do not flush in the toilet



• 300mm x 450mm