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Stain Removers Tips & Advice


Ecokleen Stain Destroyer


Ecokleen Stain Destroyer Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Shake before using.

Do not dilute

Do not mix with other chemicals or cleaning agents.  Store in a cool location.

1. For spray and wipe, allow ecokleen a few seconds on the surface to work best.

2. Saturate soiled areas. ecokleen must contact deposit in order to be effective.

3. Agitate if on a hard surface. If a soft surface, work into the nap gently with a clean cloth.

4. Allow ecokleen time to work: Fresh stains - a few minutes. Old stains - cover area with plastic and allow it to remain overnight. Remove plastic and remove residuces with a damp cloth. Old stains/deposits may require multiple treatments.

5. Agitate and rinse to remove residues.


Caution: Avoid contact with eyes, skin and open wounds. Do not use as an air freshener. Keep out of reach of children. Do not spray on humans or pets.


First aid:

SKIN - Rinse well with soap and water

EYES - Flood with water for 15 minutes. If irritation develops, contact physician.

INGESTION - Drink large quantity of milk. Contact physician

INHALATION - If symptoms of overexposure are experienced, evaucate to fresh air. Consult physician



Ecokleen Blood Remover


Ecokleen Blood Remover Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Please note that while this product will successfully remove blood stains and odours, it is not a disinfectant and should be used as pre-treatment only.


1. Wear protective cleaning gloves.

2. Follow OSHA blood handling guidelines and procedures. Treat blood contaminated area with medical grade disinfectant and allow to air dry. Remove disinfectant and excess dried blood by blotting with a damp paper towel.

3. Shake bottle before use.

4. Do not dilute.

5. Always check for colorfastness.

6. Generously saturate soiled areas with the Blood Remover.

7. Gently agitate (scrub) soiled area using a soft brush.

8. Inspect to ensure blood has been removed.

9. Place washable articles in washing machine (if applicable) and wash as usual


CAUTION: Keep out of the reach of children. Not to be used as a space spray. Do not spray directly on humans or pets. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and open wounds.


Important Notes

• For carpeting, (after blood remover application) rinse sparingly with warm water to remove residual surfactants and allow to air dry.

• For particularly heavy soiling on clothing and linens, spray with Blood Remover, place articles in plastic bag and allow 24 hours prior to washing.



Wine Off/Coffee Off Tips & Advice


Wine Off Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Coffee Off Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Fresh Spills

1. Always check for colourfastness by testing a small, inconspicious area.

2. Blot up liquid and saturate the stain with Wine Off or Coffee Off.

3. Allow to work for 5 minutes, then blot.

4. Repeat as neccessary


Old Stains

1. Always check for colourfastness by testing a small inconspicious area.

2. Saturate the stain with Wine Off or Coffee Off.

3. Allow the product to work for a few hours - the longer the stain stays 'wet', the better the results

4. In warmer weather, articles such as clothing or linen can be placed in a plastic bag to stay moist, while other surfaces can be covered in cling film for the same effect.

4. Repeat as neccessary.

5. Wash or dry clean.