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Tank Fresh


Tank Fresh Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Initial Application

Applications must be made into each individual head as they have separate plumbing lines and pumps even if there is a common holding tank. Fill each toilet bowl with water and pour in 50ml of Tank Fresh and swirl to mix, then flush the head. On an initial application, repeat this process twice as this flushes one mixture into the holding tank and the second flush mixture will stay working in the pump and plumbing lines to eliminate odours.


Ongoing Application

For complete long-term odour control, practice the First-Flush, Last-Flush Process. Upon boarding your boat for use, add a single application of Tank Fresh to each head. And at the end of the cruise before leaving the boat, add two flush applications of Tank Fresh to each head (see Initial Application above). This will keep Tank Fresh working in the head, lines, pump, holding tank and vent lines while the boat is docked between cruises.


If your hoses are older, they may be saturated with waste odours that are released through the hose walls. Use Tank Fresh for the insides, and periodically apply Urine Off to the outside of the hoses to eliminate these odours.