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Ecokleen Organic Odour Eliminator

Ecokleen Organic Odour Eliminator is a versatile odour counteractant specially formulated to remove vomit, bile, faecal, garbage and sewage odours, paint fumes and more from hard and soft surfaces. Available in a concentrate and ready-to-use formula.

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ecokleen Organic Odour Eliminator: Features & Benefits

Ecokleen Organic Odour Eliminator removes all entrenched organic odours and counteracts odours in a concentrate or ready-to-use formula. It can be applied with sprayers, in mop water, carpet extractors, floor scrubbers, chemical foggers, and misting systems for large area coverage.



• Residential and commercial use

• Garbage collection areas

• Dumpsters

• Public bathrooms

• Hospitals

• Funeral homes

• Veterinary office

• Nursing homes

• Laundry rooms

• Water treatment plants

• Lift stations and much more



Ÿ• 500ml ready-to-use bottle

• 500ml concentrate

• 3.8L concentrate


General Directions

Light to medium organic odours: add 30ml of concentrate per litre of water

Heavy organic odours: add 50ml of concentrate per litre of water


1. Apply directly to the area to be treated

2. Once you are satisfied that the product has had sufficient time to work, leave the area to dry out

3. Blot or remove residue with water.


Carpet Care

• Pre-test for colourfastness

• Can be added to carpet cleaning product

• Compatible with all water-soluble carpet chemicals including fifth generation cleaners

• Compatible with any carpet, disinfectant and insecticide, as well as floor strippers and any carpet care cleaner/system


First Aid

• IF ON SKIN: Wash with soap and water

• IF IN EYES: Flush with copious amounts of water

• IF INGESTED: Induce vomiting and consult physician

• Consult physician if any symptoms persist

• The National Poisons Centre is available 24 hours on 0800 764 766