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Zorb-It-Up! Liquid to Solid 226g

Zorb It-Up! Liquid to Solid by Bio-Pro Research is a unique encapsulating powder that instantly turns liquid into gel crystals for a faster and easier clean-up. It solidifies liquid based spills in seconds to prevent a larger mess from occurring and contains an odour counteractant to eliminate odours. 226g.

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Zorb-It-Up! Liquid to Solid: features & benefits



Zorb-It-Up! Liquid to Solid is safe to use on soft and hard surfaces and uses superabsorbent polymers that are found in products such as nappies and sanitary pads to make cleaning up effortless. Once the spill has been fully absorbed, simply scoop up the crystals and use a broom, brush or wet vacuum to remove any residue. Full instructions are included on the canister. Click here to view tips and advice for using Zorb-It-Up!



• Beverages (hot or cold)

• Liquid based food (e.g. soup)

• Vomit

• Urine

• Diarrhoea

• Water



• 226g (8oz) canister

• Features a double opening lid to sprinkle, pour or spoon out the powder